Table sizes are approximate and match figures of degrees rather than clothing.
Size table clothes may be in various collections vary slightly.

How to choose the right size?

We recommend you to measure yourself and compare your sizes with our size charts.

Relying on an estimate of the size usually works, but also can cause disappointment and returns with a request for another size. When choosing the right size the difference between man and woman plays an important role. Men have a tendency to underestimate the clothing size and choose one size larger clothes. On online shop, you cannot try out clothes and therefore you have no choice but to take a meter or string and devote your time to right measuring. This time investment is definitely worth it.

Getting the right size

First and foremost, you need to have a tape measure or string or classical meter.

Measure "lightly". Thus, so that the tape measure was looser and did not encircle you closely. Always measure over the fullest part of your body. For peripheral sizes, we recommend putting two strings under the tape measure or string.

  • Chest girth - around your bust
  • Waist girth - in the narrowest point, in the area of belt
  • The length of the back (indicative size for jackets – make sure that it is not too short) – from the first cervical vertebra to the bottom edge of the belt
  • Sleeve length - your slightly bent hand lightly rests on the hip. We measure from the shoulder joint through the elbow to the wrist
  • Pants length - we measure from the side, from the waist down to the bottom of the leg

For good measuring, your current clothing of the same type may also serve. Just lay it out and measure the necessary sizes ... After measuring do not forget to multiply the measured sizes (waist/chest) by 2. Sizes ​​in our size charts are already multiplied and correspond to the waist/chest girth.

  • Hand girth - measure according to the pictureobvod ruky